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So, 8 weeks on, another comp. I'm a little disappointed, but hey, all improvement is good. I had 2 goals going into this - to bench 100 kg, and to total 380, which is the minimum total to qualify as a D grade raw powerlifter.

I benched 90 pretty easily, but totally failed 95, twice, even though I made 92.5 easily last comp. I have a couple of theories about this - one is that the rock climbing I'd been doing before the first comp was actually good for me - I cut it out 3 weeks before the comp this time in case it compromised my training, but next time, fuck it. So more climbing and more trapeze.

The squat was my biggest improvement - 135 kg, up from 110. To be honest, I should have made 120 last time, but I didn't, so I get to claim 25 kg improvement this time.

Deadlift: 165 up from 160. Failed on 175, but came damn close! I was worried about the dead, it didn't seem to have improved much, but I think I would have made 170.

There's clearly some strategy in choosing attempt weights that I'm not across yet - I tend to start with the heaviest I think I can lift, and then increase optimistically. If I'd settled for 130 in the squat, would I have made 175 in the dead? Who knows. If I'd settled for 170 in the dead, my total would have been 5 kg higher, but I would have wondered about 175.

Anyway. That's a total of 390 kg, 10 kg over my goal and 27.5 over my last total. It was all from the squat, but I'll take that, thanks :)

I do have to say, I am unconvinced by my coach's approach to programming. So I have my copy of NROL and SS out, and I'll work something out for myself next cycle, I think. And go back on the protein powder and creatine - I got pretty slack with the protein this time around. My squat results suggest that wasn't actually the problem, but we'll see :)


Oct. 13th, 2009 12:36 pm
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I dunno. I'm working harder and getting stronger, but I guess the easy work is done. My lats are more prominent in person, though, I swear.



Jun. 2nd, 2009 12:01 pm
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7K in my best time ever yesterday. 33k this week. (7/7/x/5/7/7/x), plus 3 weights sessions. No straps, alas, but some trapeze as well.


I thought there was a more visible change, but apparently not. Still, the meat puppet is starting to look and feel good.

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Now in one easy page for comparison purposes:


Hm. It's only been 2 months. I like the stomach definition. I think I have lost a little in the arms though, thanks to the lack of weights. Stupid shoulder. Back into it this week - I had a great session with Ji last night, lots of upper body that seems not to have bothered the shoulder. So. No more excuses.

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A long time ago, about 4 years, I posted some photos of me at pretty much the peak of my gymgoing at the time.

They can be found here:

I was quite pleased, at the time, though nowhere near my target. I forgot to take "start" photos this time, but this is me after 4, maybe 5 months working out here:

The angle is a little different, but basically, I have much more definition and I'm slimmer. So, all I need to do is keep this up forever!



Nov. 16th, 2008 10:38 am
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Fitness update! Feeling fabulous. Up on weights, although (or perhaps because) boot camp has become less strenuous with our regular instructor injured. Jogging a couple of days a week, need to eat better! But overall, fabulous. Next week, I run Boot Camp hill again. 6 minutes!

Physio have signed me off on the gym equipment at work. Which, given that I have free weights at home is not a huge deal, but it's a means to an end - I can now go to the acrobatic coach and say "I've signed a waiver, I have permission to use the gear, all I need now is your permission to use the straps." And he will say "That's great! Now start a much more intensive program of upper body strength, and when you're actually strong enough, we'll get you on a trapeze and start from there!". My hope, and it might just work with Warren, is that I can convince him that a static trapeze is just a very expensive pullup bar, and that he should let me use the trapeze itself to work on pullups and hanging leg raises and all the other fun painful stuff that comes before an actual, y'know, trick. We'll see :)

Garage moments: Found a cocktail umbrella[0], gave it to the crazy Russian for her flight. Tips for young players: before you do this, work out what you're going to do if she a) doesn't give it back, and b) refuses to then take her proper umbrella. All during one of the tightest changes in the show. *sigh*. I did convince her that she couldn't actually fly with it in her cleavage, though I stopped short of personally retrieving it. So she gave it back to me, I put it with her stuff, she took it away at the end of the show. Awww. Then she turned up the next night and demanded another one. *facepalm* Fortunately, I had a spare. Unfortunately, we went through the whole cleavage thing again. Well. I *say* unfortunately....

This is the same crazy Russian who dismounts from her iceblock by putting her forearms on my shoulders and jumping. Most of them offer us a hand, or put their hands on our shoulders, or give us some actual option for helping them down in a demure manner. Most of them are 5'10 willowy dancers, who have an actual waist to hold, and can step down. Nastyushka just launches herself, and there's absolutely nowhere safe to grab. Chuck points out that if I don't at least try to grab her, I do end up with her breasts in my face a lot. Chuck, I think, misses the point....

Oh, but it's not all fun. Wait a minute. Yes it is :)

[0] Actually, [livejournal.com profile] bunnikins found it, to give credit where credit is due.


Jul. 8th, 2008 08:32 am
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Ok. Same sets/weights as yesterday. Which means yesterday wasn't hard enough, which means Thursday (tomorrow is boot camp) everything gets 2.5 pounds heavier. 5 pounds for the barbell.

I'll also be making a custom filter for these, since I'll be posting pretty much every day. If you're interested. comment here to let me know.

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Physically, I'm not far off where I was when I was going to the gym, but apparently it's not muscle.

Or rather, I'm out of lifting practice. It happens. These numbers are embarrassing, but rather than hide them, I shall post them so you can see improvement :) Also, I think I could go heavier, so the next few weeks should shoot up, but I want to be sure my form is good first.

(Notation convention: db == dumbells, weight is per arm. bb == barbell, weight is total. Weights are in pounds. Don't ask. Weights do not include bar, unless noted.)

Bicep curls: db - 3x12@15. No comment.

French Press: bb - 3x12@bar. This is a fun one! But I really didn't want to risk failure, since that would involve dropping a bar on my face. I can go heavier, but my triceps are *woefully* neglected.

Shoulder press: db 3x12@15. That's pathetic, given that I was at 35 for the last gym entry I can find.

Squats: bb 3x12@bar. Bad knees, and dubious form - that can go a lot higher once I'm happy with my form.

So. Y'know. I have a burn on, but nothing like I used to. So I think it can all go higher when I'm happy with the form.

The artist who runs fitness bootcamp over here is also a personal trainer, so I'm getting him over to check my form and hash out ongoing workouts. Nothing like having an ex-Olympic silver medallist to inspire you ....



Sep. 22nd, 2004 09:09 am
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So I have a new routine, and [livejournal.com profile] dr_wally was complaining I never update about the gym anymore. So.

We start with close-grip reverse chin ups. Arms at shoulder width, palms facing in. I can do 1 and a half. Huzzah. That's up from 1 a week ago :)

Incline db shoulder press. Incline a bench back to about 45 degrees, dumbell in each hand, push them straight up to full extension. Lower, carefully. I used to do flat chest presses and vertical shoulder presses - the incline moves the focus to the front of the shoulder, rather than the delts or chest. 3x15 @ 35

Seated Row. 3x15 @120

Reverse flys. "Fly" is the key word here. Sit on a bench with your feet out in front of you, as far as possible. Lean over till your beer gut is resting on your thighs. Flap your arms - with a slightly bent elbow, raise the arms out from your body. 3x15 @7.5. Yeah, 7.5. This is a whole new neglected part of my body I'm working, and thy're harder than they sound.

Tricep Bench dips. Two benches, feet on one, hands on the other, palms facing behind you. Dip. 3x15

Calf raises and leg extensions to keep the physio happy.

And we took more measurements.
Waist is now 108.5 - down another 5 cm. Dunno how :)
Chest is *up* 2 cm :)
Hips are also down a few cm.
Biceps remain static. I suspect I've been neglecting my triceps. Actually, I know damn well I've been neglecting my triceps, which reduces that width of the arm. I'll cope.

So when are you slackers coming lifting with me?

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Or, "Thou shalt not suddenly realise that thou art doing bicep curls to the techno remix of _Cry, Little Sister_, lest thou recoil in horror and drop a 30 lb dumbbell on thy foot. Because it fucking hurts."

The trouble with good weekends, as I may have remarked ere now, is that they underscore just how brief and pathetic the weekends really are, and can plunge you into a fugue of depression as you contemplate yet another Monday morning at the office, or in my case at a conference full of sad geeks who are just going to bitch about how impossible the IMS LO spec is to implement, and look smug at having managed to extract information no-one will ever give a damn about from learning objects no-one will ever actually use because the entire concept of "shared content" between schools, let alone countries, would have failed to take off anyway under the weight of lumbering bureaucracy, hideously labrynthine international IP concerns, tha failure of Esperanto, and the fact that it's just stupid even had it not been technically all-but-hamstrung by the spectacularly useless "specification" that we could have predicted from a joint IEEE/IETF/GOTUS/random-academia committee.

Christ. I didn't think I could get any more cynical than I was when I started typing that sentence. Wasn't I wrong.

Anyway. )

Right. I promised pictures. This is me, not looking as buff as I would like. Ignore the goofey expressions - I hadn't realised my face was in shot :)

I'm sure, btw, that I look buffer than this in real life, and [livejournal.com profile] bunnikins confirms that :)

Frontal pose
Actually, the shoulders in this one are ok - you can see the delts sloping down and then the shoulders bulging. And the biceps aren't so bad, just sheathed in a little too much fat. And that belly is much less than it was six months ago.

Back pose
Again, the delts are ok (Uh, I think they're delts. The bit sloping down from the neck to the shoulders), and the lats would actually be pretty impressive if I lost the love handles. Though then I'd probably lose half the lats, too :) You can also see, I think, on the right arm some definition starting to happen on the shoulder/bicep area, too.

Front pose, again
Again, I think that particularly on the right side, you can start to see definition between the shoulder and the bicep, rather than just a contiguous bulge. That's pretty exciting, let me tell you. Also a little from the shoulders to the pecs.

More in 6 months, when I look like teh Vin.



May. 5th, 2004 10:29 pm
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So. It's been 3 months, which I figure is time for Actual Figures.

Weight: Was 107.7. Is 101. Booyah! 6.7 kilos in 3 months (and some change), so 2 kilos per month, 1/2 pound a week, give or take. Huzzah! I could lose more, but again, there's a certain amount of new muscle i nthere.

Chest: 115 Cm -> 108 Cm. I thought I'd put on cms around the chest - it certainly feels more solid.

Waist: 121cm -> 113 cm

Hips: Um, similar loss - a bit smaller.

So that's all very good, and just in time to re-inspire me - I've been a little under the weather for the last week, and not doing so well at the gym.

In other news, I've now heard the Sigue Sigue Sputnik cover of Guns 'n' Roses "Rocket Queen". What can I say.

And I maintain that Brian May was the last of the great guitar heroes.



Apr. 28th, 2004 01:48 pm
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New routine last night - figured the old one was getting stale after 6 weeks.

Squats: 3x15 @ 40K. I think my form is getting better, but I've got a couple more weeks before I up the weight, I think.

Lat pulldown: 3x15 @ 80/90/100. I started at 110, sinec that's what I was doing for the Vgrip lat pulldowns, but this is wide grip, and oh boy did my poor abused left shoulder complain. So I backed off on the weight and eased back into it. It's a little tight today, but 100 should be about right for the moment. My form needs a little work, though. Slow, controlled. It's very easy to do the lat pulldowns hard-and-fast, which tends to mean you're "lifting" from the hips.waist, by throwing the body into it. Bad form, no biscuit.

Shoulder press: 3x15 @ 66. That's a 66 lb barbell (30 K), instead of the dumbells. And it's even harder, for some reason. Maybe because I've just come off a set of lat pulldowns :)

One arm dumbell row: 3x15 @ 35. Yay rows. I like these ones, though I'll have to play with the exact positioning a little to get comfy.

Bench press: 3x15 @ 35K. I need, really, to decide on whether I'm talking pounds or K here, don't I :P Bench presses, finally. Depressingly light. I am not yet butch. But I'm finally doing them, so I only have to add dealifts, at some point, and I'm hitting all the powerlifting moves. This was really hard, though- weird tight, stretchy feeling across teh chest, and it's one exercise that would be easier, psychologically, with a spot.

Calf raises: 1x15. Boring and painful. I should have done more sets, but I hurt :)

abs/cardio. Ten minutes jogging - I really wasn't in the mood. And yeah, that's o way to get buff like Vin, but oh well.

So there we go. Routine shamelessly lifted from [livejournal.com profile] krustukles site - http://www.stumptuous.com/weights.html .

With regards to pictures .... I'm not yet objectively impressive, and I don't have any "before" pictures, so there's no comparison for subjective impressions either. But I guess I should take some now, so that in 6 months, they'll be the "before" pictures. So ok, maybe, this week some time. But I warn you all, I'm not buff yet. Just getting there.

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Haven't been posting gym stuff lately. Yes, I'm still going, yes I'm getting thinner. Today:

D/B Shoulder presses: 3x15 (just) @35
Seated Row: 3x15 @ 130. The main thing in the seated row at the moment isn't my shoulders (which it's meant to work), but my forearms/grip, just holding the damn thing. Hopefully that will improve, because the shoulders feel like they still have a lot to give.
Squats: 3x15 @ 2x10 K (plus bar. I should just call it 40 K) Mmmm, squats. The hard part is still making sure I don't bend the back coming out of the squat.
Bicep curls: 3x15 @25 Yay. 25 per arm is 5 pounds up again. Huzzah.
D/b chest presses: 3x15 @ 40. And feeling good about it. Might try 45 next week.

So I'm starting to plateau, but in thing like the bicep curls and shoulder presses, I've doubles the weight in the last 6 weeks, which is fine by me.

Then 20 minutes on the treadmill - 393 calories according to the counter, and then abs work and stretching. And now I fall over.

Oh - and KOTOR is indeed addictive. Neverwinter in space, but then I like Neverwinter :)

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Well, that was a fun weekend. Went to [livejournal.com profile] kitlings on Friday night, despite having said I wouldn't, to watch while the filthy stinking gamers painted WarHammer 40K miniatures. Made the mistake of pickin up the filthy stinking rule book. I think I might need to borrow an army from someone at some point. It is, as [livejournal.com profile] sly_girl says, Car Wars without the cars. Not that I'm a filthy stinking gamer. Oh no.

Gym on Saturday - good day. Eased off on the weight a little - back to a step below my last session (so back to pre-Canberra levels) but good form for 3 solid sets in each exercise, and I added chest presses back into the mix. And did *real* squats. Badly, but I did them. Actually, not too badly. I had the bar too high (on the bony bit of my neck, rather than on the traps), but other than that, I felt good about my form. Light weight, again, but the squat is not an exercise where you want your ego to outdo your ability to keep your lower back straight. Gory details:
d/b shoulder press: 3x15 @ 30
Seated Row: 3x15 @ 120
Squats: 3x15 @ 10K (plus the bar, which is 19 K)
d/b Bicep curls: 3x15 @ 20
d/b chest press: 3x15 @ 35

Think that's it. Then a good 20 minute jog, and 5 minutes on the rowing machine.

I too was feeling bleh last night, and nearly didn't go to play pool, but I'm very glad I did in the end. I haven't spent much time with [livejournal.com profile] freekboi and [livejournal.com profile] fizit, or [livejournal.com profile] vastneonwolf and [livejournal.com profile] strepsil, come to that, and it was good to be out with unusual people. In so many senses. And I hadn't forgotten how much fun it was to blow a night on bad pool with good people, but it's certainly been far too long. And we won, which helps :)

And I thought for a while that no-one would turn up to Frisbee Club today, given (I presume) the weather, but [livejournal.com profile] freekboi made it, complete with frisbee, and then [livejournal.com profile] bunnikins, [livejournal.com profile] nigelw and [livejournal.com profile] kitling arrived all with kites, so it became Kite Club for the afternoon, which was, I must admit, a nice change from frisbees. And they all even flew! Though not all terribly well - being a geek, I suspect I'm going to have to invest in some silk and bamboo. [livejournal.com profile] nigelw and [livejournal.com profile] freekboi have done this kite thing before, I suspect.

Good gym.

Apr. 3rd, 2004 03:22 pm
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Full weights set:
D/B shoulder press: 3x15 @30. Again, a little shaky on the last three or four, which means I've probably got the weight just right, assuming one believes 3x15 finishing in good form but with effectively no reps left is the best way to lift. There are so many theories, I don't know where to start :)

Seated row: 3x15 @120. Perfect form, but the last few were a killer.

Hack Squats: 3x15 @ 2x10. Still not sure whether to stay at this weight or drop it and go deeper.

Bicep curls: 3x15 @34 (2x17) Gone from the cable curl machine to dumbells so I don't use the right arm to compensate for the left. Felt much better, and I think I can go to 20 next time.

Tricep pushdowns: 15/12/10 @80. Owie :) And dubious form, but at least poor form here works all sorts of other stuff :)

V-grip lat pulldowns: 1x15 @90, 2x15@100. Added these back in even though I have the seated row, just to see how it feels. Back/shoulder stuff is all good anyway, I reckon. Complex groups of largish muscles - doing two slightly different exercises for them is probably fine. Can't remember how much I was lifting with these last time, but I ripped out the first set this time. Which is good. Last set was a bit less powerful, but I had just done the seated row.

Then 25 minutes on the treadmill, half of which was jogging. Jogging was actually *easier* on my shin splints than walking - something about the way the foot moves/rolls. SO yeah. I jogged.

And 3 decent sets of the circuit, which means 3x15 @40 d/b chest press, and some squats.

My body really is noticeably changing shape. This is good, but alas may be a slight problem - all the T-shirts that are currently too tight around the waist are about to become too tight around my bulging pectoral muscles.

Ah well. I'll cope.

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Good gym day. *Good* gym day.

D/B shoulder presses: 3x15 @30. Well. Ok, the last set was 14.5, and only just that, and my form was ... dubious for the last set. But still!

Seated Row: 3x15 @ 120 . Booyah. Burning forearms, which means, I suspect, that my grip is still a weak point, but well worked shoulders too.

Hack squats: Back to 3x15 @20 Kg (10 per side) . I dunno. Deep good. Hack machine not so good. Going less deep in the squat after being dubious about my knee after last time. Must talk to Ambrose about getting off the hack machine and into *real* squats.

Bicep curls: 3x15 @35. Again, only just, and with dubious form on the last few. But I did it. The curl machine makes it easy to work harder with the right biceps, and let the left freeload. Which is, of course, exactly the opposite of what I should be doing. I should probably start doing them with dumbells to make the left work harder.

Tricep pushdowns: 2x15 @80, 1x15 @70. In hindsight, I should have just cranked out another half set at 80. Dropping to 70 was too easy - I ripped out another 15. I've used up all my beginner's luck in tricep pushdowns, though. For the other exercises, I'm adding 10 lb every third session or so, but I've only been doing them for a couple of weeks. For the triceps, which I've been doing for 2 months, I'm starting to slow down the pace at which I add. Maybe. OR maybe I just need to shut up and push harder.

And then 30 minutes on the treadmill. 35 odd minutes, 3.5 Km, and a claimed 300 calories after cool-down. The calory count, of course, is to be taken with a bushel of salt, but it does make me feel good :)
Then ab work. Ow, sore abs. But abs, somewhere under all that fat.

It's weird, though. I do feel slightly excluded at the gym. Partly, of course, because I don't know anyone there. Duh. But new gym goers often report feeling slightly left out because they're fat/weak/out of shape. Me, I feel slightly left out because I'm straight. And, y'know, Fitzroy. Duh. Of course the place is full of muscle maries. And that's actually pretty cool. Not only is it vastly amusing watching big buff burly muscle queens pat each other on the head or cuddle after a good set, but I feel like I'm gay and 17 again. Uh. 17 again, and gay. You know what I mean :) There's one guy in particular who is just fucking *stunning*. He's on the short side, but he's built like the proverbial brick shithouse - bulky as a motherfucker and *cut*. And deeply tanned. And I keep wondering what gym etiquette is when it comes to wandering up to strange gay men and saying "Hey, nice body....". So I just watch - and hope I'm not being too obvious about it. But today, we nearly ran into each other in the door to the changeroom, and I found myself thinking "Oh god it's *him*. Quick! Tell him you want his body. Um, a body like his. Um... shit!". And, of course, I said nothing, which may be just as well. Wouldn't want to get his hopes up, after all. But then I was doing hack squats while he was doing leg presses in the next machine. And I found myself thinking "Hey, I could add another 10 kilos each side. Then he might notice me...." Feh :)
But these gay men, they take their pumping iron pretty fucking seriously. Even the least buff of the hardcore clique is, like, a year away for me, easily.

I did have a great chat with one of the older gentlemen as I was leaving, which was nice. I mentioned I'd been going for a couple of months, and he said "Ah yes. Give it time, it will start to become habit, and in a couple of months you'll start to see actual results". So he was suitably impressed when I said I'd already lost 5 cm and 4 Kg. Yay for impressing old gay men!

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So, gym tonight, after an ordinary day at work. Added weight to all the new lifts I have:
Shoulder dumbell presses - 3x15@20
Seated row: 3x15@80
Bicep curls: 3x15@25
Squats: 3x15@20k
Tricep pushdowns: 3x15@60

I did a set and a half of bench dumbell presses at the end, too, @ 40, and wsan't expecting much more than a set.

15 minutes on the treadmill. Gods, that's fucking boring. Very fucking boring. Then leglifts and ab crunches. Go me. Tomorrow, circuits and boring fucking cardio. Boring fucking cardio.




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