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So this worked well a few years ago, before I buggered off to join the circus - once we actually have floors and carpets downstairs, and I can get the last of my kitchen gear out of storage, I might try it again.

At the start of each month, I'll post 4 recipes. The first person to reply with their hand up for a recipe gets it. We'll negotiate a time, you bring booze and dessert, I'll cook the dish.

Assuming we have carpets in time, next month's dishes will be:

Beef Bourgignon.
Seared duck breasts with red cabbage, apple and caraway.
Shoulder of pork roasted with fragrant spices.
Chicken with Tarragon cream.

Knock yourselves out.
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So I know I'm trying to get rid of stuff, and especially trying not to accumulate more stuff before we can actually unpack the stuff we have. But one thing I'd like is a guitar. This time, I think I'd like a steelstring, So if anyone has one lying around, do please let me know. Because when I grow up, I want to be Eugene Hutz. Actually, I still want to be Lemmy, so if anyone has a bass and amp they want to get rid of, that would also be nifty.

I think I'm sensing a theme here, though.... Got the mo'. Just need the axe.
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I have an old desktop that has been in storage for a while. It's been replaced as a desktop with the one I bought in China, but I'd like to turn it into a file server.

Except, of course, it doesn't do SATA. No problem, I can buy a SATA card. Except, of course, they're all PCI-Express, and this motherboard is slightly too old for that. Lots of PCI slots, and AGP, but no PCI-E.

It's got a shitload of USB ports, though. So I guess I either grab some USB->SATA adaptors and some SATA drives, or I get a whole new computer. Still, I think it does DVI out, so maybe it will be repurposed for watching movies on.
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But now I'm nearly ready to do it, and the hardware changes so fast.

I'm building a mythbox to capture the few TV shows we actually bother watching. What HD TV Capture cards work well with linux these days?
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I think I've forgotten how to internet. It's not even read-only anymore, the whole thing just bores me. This is one reason I'm looking forward to having a house again, and my stuff. Things to do!!
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I'm not placing blame here. I'm not sure where it lies. But here's the thing:

Pricing "I Shall Wear Midnight" by Terry Pratchett, in hardcover.

Local bookstores: AU$50-55. Fifty *dollars*, when the Australian dollar is roughly at parity with the US, no less.

Amazon, normal shipping (call it 3 weeks): AU$22.39
Amazon, expedited shipping (2 weeks): AU$28.70
Amazon, priority international courier (4 days): AU$43.42

I can have it individually express shipped, to arrive at my house in 72 hours, for less than the local price.

For 2 books? Let's add Surface Detail, by Iain M. Banks, even though I own it already (thanks Neef!)

Local bookstores: I haven't looked. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and call it $45 for the hardback (haha. I think not, but what the hell). So for both books, AU$95.

Amazon, normal: AU$45
Amazon, expedited: AU$53
Amazon, priority: AU$69.86

$35 *per book*, express shipped to my door. Instead of $45 per book for the trade-off of having it now, but having to go and get it.

Paperbacks get a little closer to parity for a single shipped book (AU$25 will buy you a local paperback or an expedited shipped one), but I suspect the per-book cost on large orders drops pretty sharply.

So, dear Australians. Do you still buy books from local booksellers? If so, is that because you're eating the extra cost to keep an independent alive?
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We managed to get out to our storage unit today, even though we don't have a house yet, to pick up my tools. So I got to see my Stuff(tm), even if I can't take it home with me yet. And that, coupled with being in someone else's house with someone else's kitchen, got me thinking.

What do you have to have, in a kitchen? Assume a full set of pots, pans, and knives, but feel free to mention specialty things like a particular kind of boning knife or a particular skillet. But beyond the given? For me, I think the first thing after pans and knives is a mortar and pestle these days. How about you?

[ETA: Measuring spoons! Useful example - for some people they are vital, but I don't bother. So feel free to mention things like that - literally anything that is not a pot or pan or knife, but that you can't cook without for more than one emergency meal.]
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Part whatever.

Christmas lights!

The little square near our flat has lights up, and it *makes sense*. In the snow, and the 4.30 pm darkness, it's a little glow of community and warmth. Not like Australia, where it's just an added burden on an overworked power grid trying desperately to provide air-con and instead catching fire.

So yeah, that makes sense now.
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So, remember that little conversation about "giving up", in the context of getting to Berlin, registering as a resident, having an EU passport and the right to work ... and then deciding to come back to Melbourne?


Suck it up, sweetheart. Wednesday's forecast *high*: -9 degrees.

Still, you'll have a nice white Christmas.


Nov. 26th, 2010 03:47 pm
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I am childishly delighted by waking up to a flurry of snow outside the window.

I'm not leaving the house, but I am staring out the window in awe.

Still not living here, because I suspect the thrill wears off. But snow!
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So I'm playing this TLE game. And one of the things is sifting ore to find glyphs. And you can level up in sifting. Your base chance is 1% per 10K units of ore. That increases at 1% per level. Intuitively, it seems to me, that if I level to 10, I then have a 10% chance per run. If I make ten runs, I have a 100% chance of finding at least one glyph.

But someone has suggested that actually it's 81%, and waved something called Binomial Probability at me. So rather than looking it up, I'm asking the interwebs!

No, I did look it up briefly, but is this true? That actually there's some factorial thing going on here where my chances are reduced on each run?

And where do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern come into this? Aren't they dead!?
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I seem to have been using that phrase a lot lately. Mostly because the internet is full of people, and often they're looking for a magic implementation of social networking that makes other people behave less like actual people. But I digress, somewhat.

I would like recommendations for technology that reduces the amount of smoke and dust in the air of a room. When I return to Melbourne, I suspect the answer will be "open windows", which is Not The Answer in Berlin in November. But it's probably Not The Answer in Melbourne in July, either. Ionisers? De-ionisers? Cat-irons? What are my options here, other than an extractor fan?

The Nastyushka Approved answer, of course, which is suitable even for Moscow winters is "Tell your wife to stop smoking". This, as advice, ranks up there with her "Just get your wife pregnant. Then she'll want a baby."
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So I'm back on the coding bandwagon, fairly hard - TLE is eating all my spare time, and mostly writing bots, rather than actually playing. I have been wrestling with perl utf-8 and Cyrillic names, and pounding my head against the desk, and, y'know, loving it.

And now, what I really want is to have a little webpage to extend the UI a bit. It's a browser game anyway, but the default UI is very focussed on micro-management. Sometimes I want an overview without moving in the client.

Aaaanyway. Ajax, of course, is my friend here. And, y'know, Jquery. And Json.

And apparently, at the end of that path, lies Javascript. *sigh*

Never thought I'd see the day.
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This post is brought to you by recent excursions in The Lacuna Expanse. You can probably skip this post and go straight there, unless you're a perl weenie. If you *are* a perl weenie, you may enjoy TLE. Not only is their API published and well documented, they encourage scripting and bot writing. You could, legitimately, write a bot to run your entire empire, and never log in again, and they'd be cool with that.

Anyway. Just Another Ex-Perl Hacker )
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Anyone know where to get a couple of these paper-bonded-with-fabric things for printing on in Melbourne?

Craft shops, they reckon. Maybe I'll look in Berlin before we go too.
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So is anyone driving from Melbourne to Brisbane for Linuxconf.au next year?

It seems unlikely, but I wouldn't mind a few days in Brisbane, and I might as well go up then. I can share petrol and driving, I just can't afford to fly.
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Currently sucking my time away, because WoW is just too painful on a laptop with no mouse, is The Lacuna Expanse. If you liked K240 , give it a try.

[ETA: It's basically "open Beta" at the moment, but get in on the ground floor and start making feature requests :)]
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Back in the day, of course, the cable that came out of our modem or cable modem or whatever went straight into a Linux box with various packet filtering stuff ( unless you were a rhesus monkey, and come to think of it, the original lioness was OpenBSD). These days, I suspect, no-one bothers, we just buy smarter ADSL modems in the first place. Is that the case, oh geeks? Has the wrt54g rendered the home gateway obsolete?



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