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I think I levelled up in engineering this weekend. It took about 30 minutes to swap out the stepper motors on GOLEM (is it wrong to name an automated motion system Golem?) for DC motors with rotary encoders. Added deadbands and speed while I was there. Now I just need to hack in the accel/decel calcs, and version 1 really is almost ready. The CrunchBang linux distro I'm using for the GUI seems to have issues with window decoration, but I'm guessing that's a window manager issue. Not sure how to solve it, but it's pretty trivial.

Writing the accel/decel handler is less trivial, but it's still just working out what resolution I need for smooth steps to get from 0 to $speed in $seconds. Speed is 0 - 255, so take the speed value, divide by number of seconds, divide again by, say, 100 to give me 100th of a second changes, which is probably fast enough. Hm. Ramp through the first 5/100ths faster to blow through inertia. Shouldn't be too hard.

I am, however, dreading timed cues. The Adelaide boys reckon their timed cue controller uses 3 seperate *types* of calculus, all done on the fly as the position of the axis changes. *sigh* I do this for fun, right?

I think I need an Engineering icon. It's tempting to fire up WoW just to equip Swede with his tinkering gear and screenshot it. *sigh* It's possible I'm a geek.
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