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So, 8 weeks on, another comp. I'm a little disappointed, but hey, all improvement is good. I had 2 goals going into this - to bench 100 kg, and to total 380, which is the minimum total to qualify as a D grade raw powerlifter.

I benched 90 pretty easily, but totally failed 95, twice, even though I made 92.5 easily last comp. I have a couple of theories about this - one is that the rock climbing I'd been doing before the first comp was actually good for me - I cut it out 3 weeks before the comp this time in case it compromised my training, but next time, fuck it. So more climbing and more trapeze.

The squat was my biggest improvement - 135 kg, up from 110. To be honest, I should have made 120 last time, but I didn't, so I get to claim 25 kg improvement this time.

Deadlift: 165 up from 160. Failed on 175, but came damn close! I was worried about the dead, it didn't seem to have improved much, but I think I would have made 170.

There's clearly some strategy in choosing attempt weights that I'm not across yet - I tend to start with the heaviest I think I can lift, and then increase optimistically. If I'd settled for 130 in the squat, would I have made 175 in the dead? Who knows. If I'd settled for 170 in the dead, my total would have been 5 kg higher, but I would have wondered about 175.

Anyway. That's a total of 390 kg, 10 kg over my goal and 27.5 over my last total. It was all from the squat, but I'll take that, thanks :)

I do have to say, I am unconvinced by my coach's approach to programming. So I have my copy of NROL and SS out, and I'll work something out for myself next cycle, I think. And go back on the protein powder and creatine - I got pretty slack with the protein this time around. My squat results suggest that wasn't actually the problem, but we'll see :)
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