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This should be easy. I spent yesterday breaking a whole lot of code. But I figured I might want to keep it, so I committed it before I went to bed (I know, never commit broken code, whatever). This morning I decided to start fresh, and rolled back to the last working version. And spent a day getting stuff done. Went to commit, and couldn't, because my last checked out version was older than the latest.

There must be some way of saying "Just make what I have the latest version". I ended up manually copying files to tmp, "updating" to the broken version, and then copying the files back and committing. That can't be the best way....

(Oh, and yes, the first thing I tried was updating, but it gave me a whole lot of conflicts that looked messy. But maybe that is the best way)
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Прекрасное Далеко

Слышу голос из Прекрасного Далека
Он зовет меня в прекрасные края
Слышу голос голос спрашивает строго
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