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Today, I competed in a powerlifting comp for the first time. Pretty small one, maybe 20 lifters, but an official sanctioned event, with drug testers and everything. In fact, one of the ladies lifting set a couple of Australian records in her class. I set no Australian records today. But since it was my first comp, everything I lifted was a personal best!

Squat: 110 kg. Failed on 120, quite spectacularly, but hey, if you make the last lift easily, you probably weren’t trying hard enough....

Bench Press: 92.5 kg. Which is 1 kg more than my weight at weigh-in.

Deadlift: 160 kg.

Rawr. My wife is particularly pleased with the one-piece spandex suit....
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Прекрасное Далеко

Слышу голос из Прекрасного Далека
Он зовет меня в прекрасные края
Слышу голос голос спрашивает строго
А сегодня что для завтра сделал я

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