Sep. 1st, 2011

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Things accomplished this morning:

I'm slowly hacking on a toy automation system - taking various aspects of theatre automation control systems and building a little Arduino system that does the same on a smaller scale. Today I hit a reasonable V0.1 - I have a python interface that lets you edit and save cues, and then step through the cues. It sends cue data to an arduino with a motor shield and 2 stepper motors, allowing independent control of both stepper motors. And it works. It's lacking all sorts of things like, say, proper motors with rotary encoders, and a proper cue controller with a deadman switch. But it works.

I have, in pursuit of this, been shaving many a yak, and today I finally got my logitech wireless keyboard (which is getting on for 8 years old, I think) hooked up with xmms shortcuts. So single key control for next track, previous, etc.

Which leads to two obvious thoughts....

1) Why isn't there an XMMS2 "clone" of xmms? There's a whole lot of xmms2 stuff - servers, shitty playlost editors, etc, but nothing, AFAIK, that's just the old xmms frontend with an xmms2 backend. I may, of course, be missing the point (if I want xmms, I know where to find it), but what exactly was lacking with xmms that anyone needed to write xmms2 with less UI functionality?

2) Surely the next step is keybinding for the automation system. Ahhh...



Прекрасное Далеко

Слышу голос из Прекрасного Далека
Он зовет меня в прекрасные края
Слышу голос голос спрашивает строго
А сегодня что для завтра сделал я

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