Jan. 24th, 2011

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I'm not placing blame here. I'm not sure where it lies. But here's the thing:

Pricing "I Shall Wear Midnight" by Terry Pratchett, in hardcover.

Local bookstores: AU$50-55. Fifty *dollars*, when the Australian dollar is roughly at parity with the US, no less.

Amazon, normal shipping (call it 3 weeks): AU$22.39
Amazon, expedited shipping (2 weeks): AU$28.70
Amazon, priority international courier (4 days): AU$43.42

I can have it individually express shipped, to arrive at my house in 72 hours, for less than the local price.

For 2 books? Let's add Surface Detail, by Iain M. Banks, even though I own it already (thanks Neef!)

Local bookstores: I haven't looked. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and call it $45 for the hardback (haha. I think not, but what the hell). So for both books, AU$95.

Amazon, normal: AU$45
Amazon, expedited: AU$53
Amazon, priority: AU$69.86

$35 *per book*, express shipped to my door. Instead of $45 per book for the trade-off of having it now, but having to go and get it.

Paperbacks get a little closer to parity for a single shipped book (AU$25 will buy you a local paperback or an expedited shipped one), but I suspect the per-book cost on large orders drops pretty sharply.

So, dear Australians. Do you still buy books from local booksellers? If so, is that because you're eating the extra cost to keep an independent alive?
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I think I've forgotten how to internet. It's not even read-only anymore, the whole thing just bores me. This is one reason I'm looking forward to having a house again, and my stuff. Things to do!!



Прекрасное Далеко

Слышу голос из Прекрасного Далека
Он зовет меня в прекрасные края
Слышу голос голос спрашивает строго
А сегодня что для завтра сделал я

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